I’ve studied my children’s gaits ad choices. I’ve studied my husband’s snores and decisions. For years, I’ve studied these beautiful creatures. The reason? I wanted to. I desired to know them.

“I know my own and my own know me.” Jesus said these words when he spoke of being the Good Shepherd (John 10:14). As a wife and mother, I believe I understand this sentiment in a way that, perhaps, people in other roles cannot.

I could point out my husband and children from a block away, based only on their stride.

I know not only their voices, but also the sound of their coughs, sneezes, and breathing patterns.

I’ve watched them sleeping. I’ve seen them elated with a success and defeated with a failure. I can describe how they look after a hard day’s work and after a hard day’s play, or when they’re feeling puny and weak.

As a mother, I understand my children’s motivations, aspirations, desires, and frustrations. Even now that they are adults, we usually talk daily, and they share their life with me. I understand their thorns and weaknesses, as well as their talents and strengths. I know my children.

As a wife, I’ve spent over 25 years studying the shape of my husband’s face. I’ve witnessed the transformation that occurs in a man between the ages 18 and 44. I know what he likes and dislikes, from the preferences of his palate to the way he likes his hair and beard cut. I know that he has certain clothing he wears when he’s sick, and that he prefers over easy to scrambled. I know my husband.

All three, my son, daughter, and husband, have listened to my heartbeat and felt my embrace. They’ve watched my hands at work, and they understand the emotion behind my eyes, even before I speak. They know me, as I know them.

Often, I crave their embrace or long to hear their voice. I seek their advice, approval, and attention. I love my family and they love me, deeply and fully.

Knitting takes time.

God knitted you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:19). In knitting, each stitch must have a particular length, amount of pressure, and it must be counted. A seasoned knitter knows which stitch to make and when, as well as how to seamlessly transition threads and turn the end of a row.

God handmade each stitch of you, from your body to your personality to your intellect.

Though you grow and lose hair constantly, at any given time, he knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:17).

God knows you.

Do you really know God? Or do you know about God?

Let’s just consider the part of God that took human form: Do you know Jesus?

Or the part of God that lives in you: Do you know the Holy Spirit?

Do you know these, the Trinity, as you know your children, your husband, or even yourself?

As women truly know their lovers and children, we can also know God.

We can know his preferences, desires, and expectations. We can know his character and will for us. We can see his fingerprints in all things made, from the yellow dust of pollen to the rings of Jupiter to the husbands, parents, children, and grandchildren that he so graciously gives us.

Knowing anything requires study of it.

I’ve studied my children’s gaits ad choices. I’ve studied my husband’s snores and decisions. For years, I’ve studied these beautiful creatures. The reason? I wanted to. I desired to know them.

Studying God also takes time, plus desire.

The bible in many places tells us that we do not have because we do not ask. If we want something, we should ask God for it. And, God answers prayer, when it is true and pure.

Therefore, if you do not desire to study God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit; if the bible is boring and prayer puts to you sleep, pray for a burning desire to know him more. Pray that the scriptures will come alive for you, and you’ll crave them like food. Pray that you’ll see God’s fingerprints the in world, and you’ll long to spend time in prayer and meditation with him, to understand the mysteries he reveals to his children, his chosen few. Pray that the Holy Spirit will live in your heart and drive your passion for the knowledge of God, who he is, why he is, who you are in him and what his purpose for you is.

Ask and you will receive.

First of all, if you are not a Christian, you cannot know the Trinity, that is Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. You must believe and accept Christ as your one and only savior, the only path through which you can get to Heaven, in order to fall under the promises in scripture. You must believe that the bible is the holy and inspired word of God, or the scriptures will have no place in your life. If you do these things, then you can ask, and you will receive.

God promises it. Read these scriptures for proof:

Do you want to know God as he knows you? Ask.

Read this prayer, then write out your own. It’s okay to scratch out words and make notes in the margin. This is between you and God. It cannot be perfect, so do not try. Tune in to your heart, not your mind. God will search your heart. If it I impure, ask for purity. If it I angry, ask for peace. If it is hard, ask that he who knitted each chamber will soften it toward his will and purpose.

A Prayer for Desire to Know God More

Oh holy God, most high and exalted above all nations; Jesus, merciful savior of my soul; Holy Spirit, dwelling in my heart and guiding my life, you know me completely.

Search my heart. You’ll find it lacking.

I want to desire you. I want to want to know you more. You deserve all of me, not the parts that I choose to give you, and you know me completely. I pray for a fervent passion for your word and a desire to spend time with you in prayer.

Speak loudly to my foolish heart, Spirit, that I may hear you and long for you and seek you, because you promise that when I do seek you with all my heart, I will surely find you there*.

I know you do not change. I know your arms are open. Move me, Lord. Bend my will, purify my soul, and set in me a fire to know you more.

*Jeremiah 29:13

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