butterflies in bubbles

An earworm.

I read that a song you can’t get out of your head is called an earworm. Gross. I picture those horrible creatures used as weapons in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

So, I’m renaming the earworm. Let’s say I had a soul butterfly. Since before bed last night, I’ve been humming the same tune again, and again, and again…you get the idea. One butterfly stuck in the tiny bubble of my mind, trying to escape.

This morning, I asked Alexa to play There is None Like You, my soul butterfly. She played an instrumental version. So, after listening politely to the version I did not want to hear, I asked her to play There Is None Like You by an alternate artist. She could not find it. “Play There Is None Like You with lyrics.” She could not find it. Sigh. I Googled the song on my phone and found a version by Hillsong.

“Alexa, play There Is None Like You from Hillsong United’s Look to Him album, 2005.” She played something else by Hillsong.

I didn’t give my kids this many chances before time out, so I unplugged her and plugged her back in. The blue and green light chased itself around her face as she thought about what she’d done. When she was ready, I asked very politely, “Alexa, play There Is None Like You by Hillsong.” She answered, “There is no song by that name by David Bowie.”

So I listened to it on my phone.

Then I sat down to read my devotional today – I read the ones by In Touch Ministries. Ironically, if you ask Alexa to read today’s devotional, she reads the same one. Can you tell that I have a love-hate relationship with this device?

It’s April 1, which means a new devotional. Now, I was all settled in and ready to read my bible. My Happiness coffee mug full of peppermint mocha delight, I had no intention of getting up to retrieve the April devotional stowed away in a cupboard. Since I hadn’t read the previous day’s devotional, I turned to March 31.

The reading was 2 Samuel 7:21-22. Verse 22 reminded me that there is none like my God. MY God. The God who adopted me and handed me the keys to the Kingdom. “Therefore, you are great Lord. There is none like you…” There is none like you. There Is None Like You.

He knows my soul butterflies; he places them there. Perhaps he planted their cocoon before I was born, to transform into a butterfly on the very day I would read the March 31 devotional because I was too lazy to fetch the April booklet. God knew.

He knew. He knows.

There is none like him, and though the smartest humans are proving this more and more, humanity’s disbelief is only increasing. We’re putting our faith in ourselves, futilely grasping at becoming things that are only God’s to be.

At the Sparrow Conference with my favorite daughter-in-law last weekend, I was honored to hear Jen Wilkin speak. (I thoroughly enjoyed Jackie Hill Percy, too.) Lifeway had a booth in the lobby with a 40% show discount, so I picked up a few books, one of which is None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us, by Jen Wilkin.

In it, last night with the There Is None Like You soul butterfly flitting around, I read two side-by-side lists; one noted many attributes of God we cannot achieve, like omnipresence, self-sufficiency, and incomprehensibility. The other gave attributes we can mimic, like love, holiness, longsuffering, righteousness, and truthfulness.

My husband rarely says profound things, unless they have to do with baseball, but I wouldn’t trade him for Josh Hader. (I googled the best pitchers in baseball to come up with that.) Last night, when we were “discussing” a topic of contention, he said, “I know two things.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Just stop.”

“There is a God, and I’m not him.” Not uniquely profound, but unexpected in the moment and so very true.

I want information at the touch of a button, so I ask Alexa or Google. I don’t even own encyclopedias or a phone book anymore. I want products immediately, so I often check Amazon for same-day delivery before going to the store. I want. I want. I want. Now.

But what does God want from me, now? That’s infinitely more important and easy to forget. There Is None Like Him. I’m not God. But he wanted me so much, and every morning, I need to refocus my want on him. I want You, God. He’s not on Alexa or Google. Amazon can’t deliver him. But he’s right inside me.

Pray: Ignite in me, God! Fire me up! Every day! Remind me that you are ultimately what everyone wants, though so many don’t know it or accept it. And I have you, living in my heart like you didn’t do for humans in so many generations. I don’t have to go to a temple to seek you. You are here, with me every second. And There. Is. None. Like. You.

Do: I challenge you to think about the attributes of God you can mimic and those you can’t. Notice ways that you seek to achieve the unachievable attributes of God in your life. Pray for forgiveness. Thank him that he is God and you are not. Ask him to reignite his fire in your life – daily.

And here’s something Alexa doesn’t know:

2 thoughts on “Soul Butterflies”

  1. Thanks for the good read as I sit in the doctor’s office waiting to find out if I have kidney stones. In our right now culture, medical conditions can really make a slow down and seek God. Alexa does not have answers for those things.

    1. Kim, how are those kidneys doing? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I sincerely appreciate your words and pray that you’re feeling better now.

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